Palazzo di Bocce International Invitational

International Bocce Tournament

July 20-21, 2018

2018 Palazzo di Bocce's Bocce Invitational

$20,000 in Cash Prizes

Join us as Oakland County welcomes 16 of the most skilled bocce players in the world as they across the globe to the largest and most elaborate bocce facility in the United States known as Palazzo di Bocce.

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Nicolas Pretto Dru

Pablo Daniel Apez

Nicola Natale

Philipp Wolfgang

Andre Backes

Gustavo Henrique Karbowski

Patrick Pezzin

Eddy DeCillia

Rodolfo Samuel Galves Monsalve

Vittorio Barbano Vergara

Mirko Savoretti

Emiliano Benedetti

Jacopo Frosoni

Enrico Dall’Olmo

Jose Botto

Jason Wisniewski

Download Tournament Rules (supplied by the USBF)