the one bocce tournament


Registration is Full

the one bocce tournament

2015 Professional Bocce Singles Tournament

April 25-26 (Saturday/Sunday) 2015

Registration is full as 40 players from across the country battle it out to be "THE ONE"

The Countdown Begins!

The first professional bocce tournament of its kind is under way at the Palazzo di Bocce.

40 players will compete in head to head competition to see who will be the best single bocce player and win the title of "THE ONE".

Registration has filled up so there are no more spaces available for the tournament. However, we are still taking names for back up in case a player has an unforeseen problem and is forced to not be able to play. Having a standby list is very important and we welcome names. Please send us an email if you want to be added to our list at:


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grand prize

For Players:

We encourage you to review our proposed tournament layout which describes more detail about tournament play. We have included a unique way to solve tie situations (if they were to arise). This is one of the few ways that will make our tournament unique!

THANK YOU SPONSORS: In no particular order

Orion Kennel Club Inc of Lake Orion Michigan
Red Roof Inn of Lake Orion Michigan
Davinci Bocce of Sylvan Lake Michigan
American Sons of Columbus of Kansas City Missouri
Gordon Food Service

Drawing Players for Divisions

Starting with the divisional bracket draw on Saturday:

Saturday, April 25th will be divisional play. We have 40 players total that need to be divided into 10 divisions of 4 players. This will be done as a random draw on Monday, March 30th at 5:45 PM. This will be available to witness for anyone who is able to be in attendance.
Let us say the Divisions will be labeled as A, B, C and so on through J. We will begin the draw with placing one player in Division A then proceed to draw one player for Division B, and will continue to draw one player per division, through all 10 divisions. Once we have one random drawn player in each division, we will go a second time through division A-J…randomly placing a second player. This will continue and third and fourth time until each player is randomly placed. This draw will also determine when and who you play in your division.
For example…each division will have a game schedule as follows: Game 1- Player 1 vs Player 2; Game 2- Player 3 vs Player 4; Game 3- Player 1 vs Player 3; Game 4- Player 2 vs Player 4; Game 5- Player 1 vs Player 4; Game 6- Player 2 vs Player 3. If you are the first player drawn in your division, you will be placed in the Player 1 slot…if you are the fourth player in your division drawn, you will be place in the player 4 slot.

Now the two draws for Sunday:

Sunday, April 26th will be double elimination format for the 20 players that qualify.
There will be a random draw for placement. I want to reiterate that…there will be a random draw for placement with the players who qualified. How you qualify has already been established and can be found by looking at the format on our website. There is no first or second in your division…there is only “qualified, or not qualified”. This is the reason we are going with the double elimination format in the first place. We will do the draw Saturday evening after all division play is finished. Whoever wishes to be present during the draw will be more than welcome. We will draw a qualified player’s name, write them in the first bracket…then proceed to draw the second qualified player’s name. The first eight players drawn will have an extra game to be played…there is no way to help this. It is the only way a 20 player, double elimination format will work. From there we will fill in the rest of the bracket.

Sunday, April 26th we will also have a single elimination format for the players who do not qualify.

This is a $10 extra fee, to be paid out to the 1st and 2nd place finishers with 75% going to first place and 25% going to second place with a minimum of 8 players needed to be signed up. This requires you to sign up on Saturday, by 7:00 PM. The draw for this tournament will take place on Sunday morning at 8:45 AM. The bracket will be made up Saturday evening… depending on the number of entrants. The draw will be random as well.

Got questions:

Email us at:

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for this fantastic event we invite you to view our sponsorship flier describing the benefits of advertising your business.

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