the one bocce tournament


Registration is Full

the one bocce tournament

2015 Professional Bocce Singles Tournament

April 25-26 (Saturday/Sunday) 2015

Registration is full as 40 players from across the country battle it out to be "THE ONE"

The Countdown Begins!


Why be interested in bocce?  Well, besides being a fun and social game that everyone can play…there is also an upper level of competition that mixes hand/eye coordination with strategy that is unbeknownst to most.  Saturday April 25 and Sunday April 26 marks the first ever “The One” tournament.  A tournament planned to be the first of its kind to decide who will be “The One”…and we want you to be there with us!

Being the second most played game in the world right behind soccer, and yet just now gaining popularity in the United States, Palazzo di Bocce gives spectators an opportunity to come and see the sport being played on a talented level.

Palazzo di Bocce was one of the first places to truly embrace the sport, in a manner that allows anyone to enjoy the sport in a casual indoor atmosphere that provides food and dining amenities on a grand scale. 

We are welcoming visitors to come and watch 40 tremendous individual players coming as far as California to play in our event.  We are inviting you to come and watch anytime between 9:00am-3:00pm.  Saturday games will conclude with the top 20 players.  Then the top 20 players will move forward into a double elimination format on Sunday.  Sunday will end dramatically with two individuals vying for the title of “The One!”

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport.  Perhaps you will hear someone mention the World Bocce Championships, which might lead you to learn some facts such as: 

Palazzo di Bocce has hosted the World bocce championship which was the first time the individual men’s and women championship were held at one time in a single venue.  The tournament was a resounding success with 18 international countries attending.  It was also the first time in many years that this international championship has been hosted in the United States opening the door for the sport in addition to fostering world class players that compete in international tournaments.

Knowing this fact, it could lead to other questions.  You might question if Palazzo Di Bocce has any of their own players and teams as well as how they fare nationally. Well…

Team Palazzo has placed as well as fourth place in the World bocce tournament and has won over 75% of the entire United States bocce tournaments they have played in since the inception of the facility.

We hope you can take some time out of your weekend to come in and learn about the sport and watch some good games.  You just might walk away clamoring for more. 


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